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Managing Partner


Joselynn is the Founder and Managing Partner of the firm, and has overcome myriads of challenges leading to its establishment.

In recognition of Joselynn's contribution to the profession, and at the tender age of 27, she was bestowed with the Partner of the Year Award in the 2020 African Legal Awards, hosted by the UK Legal Week and the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa. 

Joselynn's approach has resulted in the firm being nominated for several local and international awards in recognition of its innovative and progressive approach to legal services in South Africa, including being placed on the shortlist in the African Legal Awards 2020 for the African Innovation Award.

Joselynn is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa and holds an LL.B from the University of the Witwatersrand. The firm was established in 2019, but has already demonstrated a track record of competence and a clear dedication to innovative input in the legal profession. 

The firm is headquartered in  Johannesburg and is the brain child of Joselynn's  desire to see much-needed reform in the legal industry not only in South Africa, but in Africa as whole.  Joselynn's areas of practice are commercial law, family law and criminal law. The significant progress she has made as a partner at Fember Attorneys will be demonstrated below.

Legal Expertise and Innovation

Always exceedingly professional, Joselynn takes the profession home with her, which is a trait many legal contemporaries lack. Morris, in Techniques in Litigation states that the law is a jealous mistress and cannot be reconciled with an avid social life. To Joselynn,  that means that this is an all or nothing industry.

Since the establishment of the firm, Joselynn has made a clear and deliberate effort to be innovative in the ways that legal services are rendered and in the use of its systems, both administratively, from a human talent perspective and from a billing perspective. 

The firm’s slogan is “Results, not hours”. This is one that was given extensive thought and research, with due consideration to the changing demands of the value-driven market, the needs of prospective clients, the rules of the Legal Practice Council, the need to uphold the dignity of the profession, the deficiencies in the legal system (particularly the slowness and inefficiency of our civil and criminal courts), the tendency of legal professionals to bill at high rates and provide access to real results at low rates and the costs of those inefficiencies. 

All of the above have very serious consequences, and are damaging to our economic competitiveness as well as to the rights of clients, particularly the less fortunate. According to empirical evidence, many clients get little or no satisfaction from traditional and outdated systems of legal practice. The first way in which Joselynn has paved the way in South Africa for the promotion of the accessibility of law and legal practice is by making legal information more readily available to the public and to the clients she serves.

Joselynn is critical of the use of billable hours in our current climate as inefficient, needlessly punitive and susceptible to abuse. As such, the firms structure has been built to address the foregoing problem statement.

Joselynn has actively unlearned every system which was taught since entering into private practice, and insists legal talent not being reliant on the quantity of hours billed, but on the firm's successes. The foregoing is not a guaranteed outcome of success for clients, but a client-focused approach that seeks out solutions to problems in the most timeous and cost-efficient manner. Joselynn has found the perfect formula for deviating from standard procedures and treats every matter according to what its problem requires. That way, the clients of Fember Attorneys Incorporated remain satisfied and we achieve what the law intends.

Joselynn  has demonstrated to  Clients that she is a good steward for the law by insisting on value in legal spend. By value, we mean predictability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Quality is assumed.

The introduction of innovation by Joselynn means the shift in our values and our approach to clients. This shift is an intellectual advance and is, in our view, objectively better in accomplishing the purposes of the law. 

Joselynn has not only been a leader not only to her contemporaries, but to her clients. Every single client she has had the joy of serving, has come back thanking her for changing their lives for the better, whether it be in assisting their businesses or improving their relationships by introducing creative approaches to conflict resolution. 

Joselynn has dedicated her entire life to this profession. She hopes to create a pioneer for access to justice in South Africa, through reliable and affordable legal services. 

Joselynn is a natural born leader and hopes to one day take the profession and the firm to new heights. 

Joselynn's legal specialities are commercial, criminal and family law. She has assisted multinational companies, handled complex high-profile cases and has been invited to speak on several media platforms to advise on different aspects of the law, including criminal law, child law and business law. 

She is assisted by a group of attorneys who specialise in different areas of expertise.


If you have a criminal law, family law or commercial matter which requires expert resolution, e-mail Joselynn at joselynn@fember.co.za.